corduroy & shearling


Personally, I was very conflicted upon deciding whether or not to buy this vest. The current trend I’m noticing in my small town is puffer vests or Huffer vests. Definitely not corduroy and shearling vests! Although I was convinced to buy it and do admit that I have been on the look out for a shearling jacket (inspired by the character Jughead from Riverdale) this corduroy and shearling jacket is still certainly a blessing!

God bless xx

– Jacqui M


eyes shut mouth open


“You are a light of the world.

A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.”

– Matthew 5:14 (NKJV)


I’m a very talkative person. So naturally, some of my photos are going to be of me talking but I’ve also somehow got my eyes shut in this one. So what does ‘Eyes shut mouth open’ mean? In all honesty, I’m not sure but I think in a way it can relate to faith. I have faith in Jesus. Whom we can’t see but I know He came down to this earth and died for my sins that I could have a relationship with God. Faith is trusting that the promises that are written in the bible for you and me are going to happen as long as we have faith in God. Even though faith can feel like I have my eyes closed I know that I have a faith in God who’s eyes are open, who’s eyes see everything.

My eyes are shut but my mouth is open.

My mouth is open because I have a light to share with the world. I have a happiness and joy that doesn’t come from me but from my Father above and because of that I’m going to share it with you all so that you may also experience what He has given me.

He has given me love, joy, happiness and so much more! And as cheesy as this sounds I sincerely hope that I can share this love with you as well.

So to anyone reading this, from strangers on the internet, to people from my own little town, I’ll be praying for you. That you meet this Jesus that I’m talking about and that you know you’re loved.

And after that little tangent of a story here is some quick photos of the actual outfit…




God bless xx

– Jacqui M

Psalm 46:5

God is in the midst of her,

she shall not be moved;

God shall help her, just at

the break of dawn.”

What I get from this little verse in relation to this blog post is that, as a Christian, God is with me. Therefore I have no need to be afraid and no need to conform to the pressures of this world. That includes clothing wise, wearing this bright coloured button up (because it’s too long to be worn plainly buttoned up and too short to be just a dress) and these loose dark navy pants. This is definitely not something I see the other teenagers of Blenheim wearing!



IMG_3568 edited.jpg

IMG_3570 edited.jpgIMG_3572 edited

Catch ya later!

x JM


September Moodboard.jpg

Refreshing to be back again darlings!

September in New Zealand is a time of transitioning from the cold into the warm. The thought of swimming beckons me from the classroom and although it is still quite cold I really do want to go swimming. In fact I did go swimming and it was bitterly cold.


However, back to the mood board of the month! A transition of cool blues to warm yellows.  Summer is close but not close enough as we still suffer through school and the exams that are yet to come. In my thoughts I drift to the beach and feel the sun gently kiss my skin.

To the summer months yet to come!


formal inspo

Hello again!

In America it’s prom time however in New Zealand our prom, or rather formal isn’t until later in the year. However that has not stopped me from looking and collecting a little outfit formal inspiration for you all!

crop top, shoes, skirt


This is only one dream outfit however I will do a proper formal/prom inspiration post later in the year. Go to my formal inspiration Pinterest board for more ideas on what to wear and also some groovy make up ideas!

x JM


Thrift Haul

I originally titled this ‘Mini Collective Thrift Haul,’ but that’s a little long isn’t it? Anyhow I hope you like this little collection of photos!



So that’s it! Have a fabulous week and hopefully we’ll meet again!



sooth lady wine


dusty pink
sooth lady wine

Is this not a gorgeous colour?

This dusty blush pink. It represents a girly femininity that although is girly  still stands strong and defines itself by it’s own terms. The girl that wears this colour is flirtatious and sultry, she’s a girl that’s neither popular or unpopular. She’s romantic and fierce. She smells of faded floral perfume and she dances in the moonlight. In the fading light of dusk she whispers words of adoration for the whole universe and for everyone in it.


Hope you enjoyed this short and random post!

x J


thoughts #3



This is Googles definition for gratitude and it basically sums the whole idea up. But what happens when you practice the art of it. I had a sudden epiphany one day about how there was one aspect of my life I had never been grateful for. Although it had caused me stress it is actually good for me in the long run. I’m talking about the fact that my mum has always encouraged me to try new things and stick with playing piano rather than quitting when it was getting too hard for me.

Practicing gratitude isn’t about being grateful for the big things in your life such as cars or wealth, it’s being grateful for the small things that make a difference. Also just being aware of the small things and sometimes it’s the bad things that you could be grateful for. Because those hardships make you you.

Also ending on a bit of  a Christian note or just a note on destiny and fates,

God (or the universe for you atheists) wouldn’t give you the problems you are facing now if he knew that you couldn’t handle them.


So go forth darlings and be grateful.

x JM

thoughts #2


It’s me again and I have come to ramble on again about my thoughts. Last week I finished up with the question of how are we capable of making a difference in the world and as much as I want to move on and talk about consumerism and materialism I think I should conclude last weeks thought.

So how are we able to make an impact on the world we live in today? I honestly have no clue and all I can really think of is this quote…


So there it is be the change in the world you wish to see, no matter how small it is. Express it in the way you treat others and through the way you treat yourself. Also remember do or not do there is no try, a little quote from a ted talk that I can’t remember.

Anyhow moving on to materialism and consumerism and capitalism and the various other ‘risms’ that fit under the same umbrella.

I think our generation has a real problem with it.

And I can see it in my school. Which saddens me, mainly at the two facts that I’m jealous in spite of it and also that others are a victim of it. So what comes next? What comes after we have acknowledged the fact that we are all victims of it? First off try to find value in things that aren’t materialistic. Like your relationships with others. Something else you could try is counting the things you are grateful for. Which is also a great way to stop yourself from incessantly complaining about things.


Stay fabulous

x  JM